NSF H-1 Lubricant

Aarnalube has maintained its standard in NSF H-1 Lubricant and we are leading suppliers in India. These are non- toxic and completely satisfy the regulations of food manufacturing plants. These lubricants play a significant role in enhancing the performance of the food machinery equipments .They serve as anti-rust film and give protection to the machine parts and enhance the life of the system while simultaneously reducing the Maintenance cost and risks linked with regular oil change & accidental system failure. It is no wonder, that many manufacturers and industries depend on lubricants and greases for reliability and added efficiency leading to better production numbers.
The NSF H-1 Lubricant registration has recognized itself as global standard for lubricants used in the food grade industry. The H1-registration is based on the US guidelines of sec. 21 CFR of the FDA regulations. The “Food and Drug Administration” (FDA) of the USA has determined qualitative and quantitative elements to be used in lubricants for the food industry. The evaluation and the approval process is carried out by the NSF International. The NSF registered products are listed in the White Book. The standard NSF H-1 Lubricant illustrates products, which are to be used in cases where supplementary contact with food is possible.
The tools in today's food processing operations is focused to extreme load forces and the NSF H-1 Lubricant High-Performance Food Grade Lubricants Program features products specifically engineered to carry the load.
NSF H-1 Lubricant High-Performance Food Grade Lubricants Program was designed to perform in the most extreme pressure conditions to keep your equipment safely running at high point performance.
The food processing industry can be positive in the food-grade reliability of products because we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. All of food grade products are registered with NSF H-1 Lubricant application (lubricants with incidental food contact)

NSF H-1 lubricants deliver the industrial strength you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance with the NSF H-1 Lubricant Supplier in India rating required to keep your food processing operation to run safely. The equipment in today's food processing behavior, is treated to extreme load pressures and the NSF H-1 lubricants, features products that are specifically engineered to carry the load.

Lubricating today's Food Processing equipment presents many of the same challenges found in non-food processing equipment. Lubricants must defend friction, wear, corrosion, heat and deposits. They must also prevent degradation or hinder performance when in contact with food products, process chemicals, water and bacteria. But, it is required to be secure and safe in case they ever come in contact with the food and NSF H-1 lubricants is one such lubricant that has all these specifications included in it. According to the Standard Test Methods, NSF H-1 lubricants exhibit a 1,500 lbf and are considered to provide sufficient protection against scraping and roughening under heavily loaded conditions. The NSF H-1 lubricants were designed to perform precisely even in the most extreme pressure conditions to keep your equipment safe and at peak performance.

The NSF H-1 Lubricant Supplier in India are not only designed to meet the distinctive and challenging performance needs of today’s food processing industry, but they have all been NSF Certified with H1 Rating to give you the power and trust of knowing our products, that will keep your operations safely running at peak performance.We're so confident that our line NSF H-1 Lubricant Supplier in India is the best in the industry that we want you to check them out for yourself. NSF H-1 lubricants are basically meant for food processing environments where there is a minor chance of accidental food contact and their formulations may only be composed of one or more approved base stocks, additives, and thickeners.