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Be it an Industrial lubricant manufacturer, an Industrial lubricant exporter, or an Industrial lubricant supplier, Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. has been working with various industries. We are the Best Lubricants Manufacturing companies in India in 2023. We provide high quality lubricants and self lubricators, special greases provided with high efficiency and performance to solve lubrication problems. With our range of product by industry, we are going to change the future of lubricants in India.

Automotive Industry

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. is well known for automotive lubricant suppliers and one of the top automotive lubricant brands in India. If you looking for Window regulator grease, Wiper motor grease, or Starter motor grease, look no further than Aarna lube: An Automotive Lubricant Industry In India.
With a trusted name in the market for windows regulator grease we are known as grease and lubricant manufacturing in India. We have built a repo as a chief C V Joint grease supplier but also as a contemporary exporter of specialty lubricants and automatic lubricators in India and abroad.

Textile Industry

As a reputed Textile machine lubricant supplier, we emphasize exporting premium quality industrial applications grease, Lubricating oil, and spray lubricant that helps keep power consumption down while simultaneously providing protection against corrosion and avoiding staining of fabric or yarn. Specialized lubricants and oils designed for textile machines are applied on spinning units, knitting machines, looms and weaving machines, finishing machines, etc.

Textile Industry

Food & Pharma Industry

Aarna Lube Pvt. recognized as a pioneer industrial lubricant exporter in India, emphasizing high performance by our automatic lubricators. We supply our clients with H-1 Class and H-2 Class Food grade lubricants to various food and pharma industries across India and abroad. These lubricators offer good resistance to water, vapor, chemical, and high loads. We have retained a strong position as an authorized food grade lubricant supplier in India and abroad. As a NSF H-1 Lubricants supplier, Automatic lubricators, our customers are certain about using food grade lubricants since they are effective even under severe food processing operating environments.

Best Output Requires Best Lubrication Support!

If You Want The Best Lubrication For Your Machinery Then Look No Further Than Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd

Ceramic Industry

Aarna lube is a suppliers of Lubricants for Ceramic Industries. Our range of lubricants for Ceramic Industries is very high in demand. These high performance lubricants are used in brake blocks, exhaust systems, wheel nuts, machine parts, and so on. 

Ceramic Industry
Cement Industry

Cement Industry

We Manufacture and Supply lubricants in Cement Industries. These include Industrial grease, Open Gear Lubricant, Roller press bearing grease, Hydraulic oils, Gear oils, Synthetic oils, and Compressor oils.
These all are FLS Approved lubricants, KHD Approved Lubricants, METSO Approved Lubricants, FLENDER Approved Lubricants, POLYSIUS Approved lubricants, SVEDALA Approved lubricants, and LEEJUN Approved Lubricants.

Steel Industry

As a leading steel industry lubricant supplier and lubricant and grease manufacturers in Mumbai, we are gaining momentum with our Brugarolas India automatic lubricators in India and abroad. Using Lubricants prevents unnecessary machine breakdown preventing heavy production losses. Uses of lubricants also help keep industrial machinery problem free and in good shape, making them reliable and reducing downtime. Various steel industries widely use our high quality lubricants for raw material handling, sinter installations, blast furnace, etc. The automatic lubricator available with us has the potential to reach difficult points, enhancing the smooth operation of the machinery. Our premium quality specialty greases and chemical resistant grease for the steel industry ensures the productive and economic functioning of the machine.

Steel Industry


Aarna Lube Private Ltd is known as an Industrial lubricant manufacturer, Industrial lubricant exporter, and Industrial lubricant supplier and has been working with various industries. We provide:

  • High quality lubricants and self lubricators.
  • Specialized lubricants and oils.
  • Special greases are supplied with high efficiency and performance to solve lubrication problems.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. offers the most appropriate lubrication solutions for every pulp & paper production machine. We provide the best lubricants in India and abroad that incorporate high performance oils and greases engineered to satisfy the full range of the Pulp and Paper industry.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Wind Turbine Industry

Windmill lubricants supplier, bearing grease suppliers.
We are one of the well-known bearing grease suppliers in Mumbai, India. Our lubricating grease and oil are designed to improve the efficiency and longevity of windmills. Several parts of windmills lubricated with automatic lubrication systems have contributed towards its low maintenance cost and reduced unscheduled downtime. With our high performing industrial applications greases, we are recognized as a chief windmills lubricants supplier; we assure high wear reduction and corrosion resistance wind turbine parts leading to extended service interval requirements. Hence we come in the top lubricant company list in India.

Coal Power Plant

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. industrial lubricants for coal power plants are engineered to perform even in the most extreme conditions, including high temperature and heavy load in the machine applications.

Coal Power Plant

Mining Industry

We are one of the high-up suppliers of mining equipment lubricants in India. Mining equipment lubricants that we supply our customers are able to increase the life of equipment by reducing wear. These lubricants also hold the potential to reduce the downtime of the equipment, thus improving reliability. Our high performance mining equipment lubricants are widely applied on gears, spur wheels, cones, joints, bolts, shafts, and many others.

Oil & Gas Power Plant

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. is well-known Oil And Gas Power Plant lubricant brand in India. With leading industrial lubricants, we have become the best lubricants manufacturing companies in India in 2023.

Oil And Gas Power Plant
Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. is well known in the Sugar Industry for its Lubricants made for the most critical applications in Sugar Industries. The sugar-making applications face various lubrication challenges, so to provide adequate lubrication and thereby reduce consumption, we provide the best lubricant for Sugar Industry.

Plastic Processing

Lubricants play an essential role in the plastic industry as they take place while the applications are running and without interrupting production, which also increases application availability. We, Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd., manufacture and supply Premium Quality Specialty Greases for Plastic Industries. We are known as a top lubricant brand in India that manufacture and supply high performance lubricants all over India and abroad.

Plastic Processing

Special Lubricants For Machine Tools

Not just machines but machine tools require lubrication solutions. Hence Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. provides specialized lubricants and oils for Machine Tools. This made us the Best Lubricants Manufacturing companies in India in 2023.

Product for Aluminium Injection

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd. is a leading industrial lubricants Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our lubricants business is based on manufacturing and supplying automotive and industrial lubricants in India.

Lubricants For Aluminium Injection

Aarna Lube Private Limited is the manufacturer and marketing partner of Brugarolas India Pvt. Ltd.


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