Textile Industry

Spinning Units
Application Products
Rotary Plate (plain bearing) in carders and Drawing frames G. Beslux Tribopaste L-2/3 S
Top and Bottom drawing roller bearing in draw frames G. Beslux Plex Bar M-1/2
Rolling bearings in the drawing assembly (Ring spinning frame) Top roller (Ring spinning frame) Needle bearing in bottom drawing rollers (Ring spinning frame) G. Beslux Plex Bar M-1/2
OE spinning turbines and opening rollers (OE spinning frame) G. Beslux Plex L-2/S
Synthetic Fibre Spinning Units
Application Products
Spinning pumps G. Beslux Bessil M-2
Spinerets Brusil Spray
Godet bearing G. Beslux Komplex Ht-2/S
Filament coiling after drawing G. Beslux Plex L-2/S
Thread guide slides and Zig-Zag winding guides G. Beslux Plex Bar L-2/S
Traveling Knotter/Splicer in Autoconer Beslux Molyspray
Spindle can bearing and belt guide rollers G Beslux Plex Bar L-2
Knitting Machines
Application Products
Needles and sinkers in circular Knitting machines Beslux Arol 22
Flat bed knitting machines Beslux Arol 46
Slide rails on flat bed knitting machines, thread guide box G. Beslux Plex Bar L-2/S
Looms and Weaving Machines
Application Products
Bearing of drying cylinders and cylinder rollers in sizing dryers Beslux Sincart W 220
Beslux Plex Bar M-2
Gripper looms G.Beslux Tribopaste L-2/3
Motor coupling with brake and sliding block/ Rapier guide roller and distributor cutter G. Beslux Plexbar L-2/S
Weaving machine gear box Beslux Sincart W 100 Or 150
Chains and for Open gears Beslux Cadenas
Beslux Engranajes Abiertos
Finishing Machines
Application Products
Rolling bearing in washing and mercerising machines, dyeing machines and steamers Beslux Plex Bar M-2
Corrosion protection for the inner lining of steamers Beslux Plex Bar M-2
Chains in steamers Beslux Ramca 320
Bearing in steamers G. Beslux Bessil EH-3
Fabric conveyor chains Beslux Ramca 320
Chains in dryers for printed fabrics Beslux Ramca 320
Needle bars clips Brusil Spray
Rolling bearing of electric motors in dryers (indirect drive) Komplex Alfa -II
Besluxplex M-2/BM
Rolling bearings in fans and exhaust fans in dryers (direct drive) Komplex Alfa -II
Besluxplex M-2/BM
Width adjustment spindles Beslux Molyspray
Rolling and plain bearings in heated cylinders Beslux Sincart W 220/460
Rotary couplings in steam heated finishing machine G. Beslux Komplex HT-2/S
G. Beslux Fluor H-2
Compensator and guide roller bearing in Hot flue finishing machine G. Beslux Fluor H-2
G. Beslux Komplex HT-2/S
Other Applications In Textile Industries
Application Products
Spur/bevel and worm gear boxes Beslux Sincart W
Beslux Gearsint
Beslux Xp
Electric motors/fans bearings Komplex Alfa -II
Besluxplex M-2/BM
Screw type compressor Beslux Airscrew
Beslux Ultrasint
Rotary vane compressors Beslux Airlube
Beslux Airsint

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As a reputed Textile machine lubricant suppliers,we put emphasis on exporting premium quality lubricating grease, oil and spray that helps in keeping the power consumption down while simultaneously providing protection against corission and avoiding staining of fabric or yarn.Specialty lubricants designed for textile machines are applied on spinning units, knitting machines, looms and weaving machines, finishing machines, etc.

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Aarna Lube Private Limited is leading suppliers of Specialty Lubricants and Automatic lubricator. These are known for reducing wear and tear, alleviating friction and enhancing the functioning of machine's components.

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