Automotive Industry

Application Products
Wiper Linkage G.Beslux Plex 5 EP/RB
G.Beslux ELG-22
G.Beslux ELG- 50
Electric Window Regulator G.Beslux Plex 778/A
G.A.N 84/2
Front Wiper Motor G.Beslux Plex 380
G.Beslux Plex 735 EP/RB
Rear Wiper Motor G.Beslux ELG-89/S
G.Beslux Plex RT-2
Battery Pole G.A.Ricinol V
Brake Booster Unit G.Beslux M 1/2 STF
Wheel Bearing G.A.Plex-2
Rear Mirror G.Beslux Plex 745
Locking Mechanism G.Beslux Plex 745
G.Beslux FLUOR VL-2
Application Products
Hydraulic Steering G.Beslux 1021-B
G.A.N.85 TRW
Electric Steering G.Beslux Plex 778 A TF
G.Beslux Komplex DPH 8113
Starter Motor G.Beslux ELG-66/67
Sun Shade/Roof G.Beslux Liplex H-1/2 S
G.Beslux Komplex H-300
Wire G.Beslux FLUR H-2
G.Beslux Bessil EH-000
Steering Coloumn G.Beslux Tribo Paste L-2/3 S
G.Beslux Komplex Paste L-2/S
CV Joints G.A.Caplex GTE
G.A.Caplex GTE/SIC
G.Bes moly CVJ

CV Joint grease supplier , Window regulator grease , Wiper motor grease , Starter motor grease , Locks

With a trusted name in the market for window regulator grease we are known and respected not only as a chief C V Joint grease supplier but also as a contemporary exporter of specialty lubricants and automatic lubricators in India and abroad.

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Aarna Lube Private Limited is leading suppliers of Specialty Lubricants and Automatic lubricator. These are known for reducing wear and tear, alleviating friction and enhancing the functioning of machine's components.

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